Hair Care Tips for Your Hair Type

You might have a hair care routine down, but it’s always helpful to see what else you could be doing to amp up your style!  

Check out the hair care tips below based on some of the most common types of hair.  

Hair Care Tips for Wavy Hair  

If you have a good wavy hair care routine figured out, check out these tips for even more ways to make your style your own! 

  • Shake for great waves – Once hair is close to dry, run your hands through it and give it a good shake to define your waves.  

  • Scrunch dry with a t-shirt – Still need hair to dry? A cotton t-shirt can help remove excess water and enhance your waves. 

  • Don’t wash daily – Keeping your hair clean is important, but you also want to avoid drying out your scalp. Avoid using shampoos each day to keep your hair looking and feeling healthy. 

  • Reactivate gel with water on non-wash days – On days you don’t cleanse your hair, you can keep hair looking great by spraying water and scrunching to reactivate your gel. 

  • Use natural oils – Scalp feeling dry? Use products with oils like jojoba oil or argan oil to hydrate. 

Hair Care Tips for Curly Hair  

Curly hair follicles are flatter, which allows them to curl in all kinds of ways. If you happen to have curly hair, check out these tips to make your haircare routine even better. 

  • Section hair while washing – Washing hair in sections can be more manageable than attempting to do it all at once. Twist or clip sections away from each other, then shampoo, condition, and rinse. Repeat with each section to avoid tangles.  

  • Rinse with cold water – While hot showers may feel great, rinsing with cold water closes your cuticles and locks in moisture. You’ll notice less frizz and more shine adding this practice to your cleansing routine! 

  • Use conditioner frequently – Don’t skip conditioning your hair. When you cleanse hair, use a conditioner in the shower, and also consider leave-in conditioners as part of your routine. While you may have to adjust your routine depending on the season – for instance, using more conditioner when winter’s dry air impacts your hair – it’s good to keep moisture at the forefront of your mind when you have curly hair.  

  • Invest in a high-quality comb – A wide-tooth comb is just what your curly hair needs. Avoid brushes that can lead to frizz and breakage, breaking up the hair strands and your curl pattern. It’s easiest to come when hair is wet to detangle it in sections to make the most of it. 

  • Avoid heat styling – Breakage is the enemy of curly hair, so if you use heat tools like blow dryers, stop! Instead, air dry hair or, if you must, use a diffuser and heat protection products.  

Hair Care Tips for Straight Hair  

If you have straight hair, chances are your hair can be soft, shiny, but also fine and oily at times. If you’ve found a hair care routine that enhances your hair’s attributes while helping with common straight hair issues, take a look at the tips below!

  • Style with volumizing mousse – When you style your hair, keep in mind that straight hair can sometimes be flat hair. Adding volume with a mousse designed for that purpose creates definition. 

  • Brush regularly – Tangles are a no-no when it comes to straight hair, especially if it tends to have a fine texture. Maintaining hair by brushing it on a daily basis will keep it from knotting up and make it easier to style.  

  • Use scalp oils – Formulas rich in oils like argan oil and shea can keep your scalp moisturized and help with hair growth. 

  • Use silk pillowcases for sleeping – While it may make you feel a bit like royalty, using a silk pillowcase is great for straight hair because it’s less damaging and leads to fewer frizzy hair days. 

  • Visit your stylist for regular trims – Split ends can be a real hassle and thin out your strands, which is something you can’t afford to happen. Keeping straight hair trimmed prevents split ends from happening.

Hair Care Tips for Coily Hair  

Common characteristics of coily hair include that it’s receptive to moisture. However, that also means coily hair cuticles also lose water easily. Keep this in mind as you explore hair care tips for coily hair that enhance your routine!  

  • Consider leave-in conditioner – While not a requirement, a leave-in conditioner can keep hair healthy and tangle-free. It also works well as a water-based moisturizer every day. 

  • Choose non-comedogenic moisturizers – Speaking of water-based moisturizers, if you use products that have aloe water or ingredients called emollients, your hair will better absorb water. In contrast, products with ingredients like mineral oil block water and can lead to product build up. 

  • Apply natural oils – While your scalp produces oils, using other oil-based products can be useful, too, for shine and stronger strands. Use products with tea tree oil, argan oil, olive oil, and others to give your natural oils a boost.  

  • Limit heat styling – When heat is used to style hair, it depletes the moisture from hair. Using heatless will keep your style looking good and avoid the need to reapply moisture-rich products as often, though you don’t want to leave them out of your routine altogether. 

  • Evaluate your routine – Sometimes your hair needs change, so it’s okay to look at your hair care routine and decide you need to change it up. Maybe you need to add oils to your routine or change your shampoo. No matter the case, keeping your hair’s needs in mind for the type of hair it is can guide the way.  

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