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Optimize your routine with a tailored list of products based on your hair type and needs.


Uncover the Secrets Behind Your Unique Strands

Say goodbye to the guesswork and hello to expert recommendations tailored to your unique strands. We’ll bridge the gap between the lab and your home to make sure that your routine truly works for you. Let’s unravel the mysteries together.

Get Started Fast

Get Started Fast

Take our fast and free quiz for quick insights. No need to wait!

Tailored Product Recommendations

Tailored Product Recommendations

Build a routine that’s scientifically proven to work for you.

Discover Your Unique HairCode

Discover Your Unique HairCode

Reveal your hair type, scalp health, and beyond.

Unlock Further Strand Analysis

Unlock Further Strand Analysis

Dig even deeper with a comprehensive report on your hair from our lab.


Experience the Science of Perfect Hair Every Day

Take the HairCode Quiz
Take the HairCode Quiz

To determine your HairCode, we’ll ask you a few questions about you and your hair.

Get Your HairCode
Get Your HairCode

Find out what makes your strands unique, including your hair and scalp type, as well as cuticle health.

Shop and Continue to Learn
Shop and Continue to Learn

Discover products made for your hair type. Get a closer look with a strand analysis.


Discover your HairCode

Hair can be complicated. That’s why we break it down for you piece by piece with your unique HairCode.

SmoothStreak Male

You're on the straight path to the win with that smooth 'do

Smooth Streak
TidalBabe Female

Soak in the soft breeze and work those waves for days.

Tidal Babe
AListTwist Male

Night or day, your curls are ready to hit the town.

A-List Twist
CoolCoiled Female

No need to keep it on the down low, your coils are the coolest.

Cool Coiled
Smooth Grooves Male

Those strands have body and bounce, shake that smooth thing!

Smooth Grooves
ShoreThing Female

Soak in the soft breeze and work those waves for days.

Shore Thing

A Routine as Unique as Your Strands

product reco

Perfectly curated products for you.

We provide you with a haircare routine selected from a wide variety of products, designed to specifically work for your hair.

  • Shompoose
    Shampoos & Conditioners
  • Creams
  • Stylers

Want to Learn More? Untangle the Mysteries of Your Hair in Our Lab.

Untangled by HairCode is a comprehensive hair analysis that works hand in hand with your HairCode quiz results so you can get personalized hair regimen tips and more, all based on science.


The journey to no more bad hair days starts here.

Demystify your unique strands in just a few minutes.