What is 3c Hair: The Science Behind the Strand

Have you ever struggled with knowing what products to use for your hair? Your hair type can tell you a lot about the hair you have and how to best care for it.  

Explore the 3c hair type, how to maintain it, and common struggles others with 3c hair have, plus tips on how to manage it.  

3c Hair Type 

Some common traits of those that have 3c hair include “corkscrew” patterned curls that may feel coarse. Your 3c hair may be voluminous, so you won’t have trouble with flat hair or curl definition. However, a drawback to having 3c hair is you’ll likely experience frizz and shrinkage since the hair’s cuticles are open, which makes them both prone to absorbing moisture but just as likely to lose it.  

Caring for 3c Hair Type 

When you have 3c hair, you can rest assured your hair needs extra hydration. Use a sulfate-free, silicone-free shampoo to cleanse hair.  

In between washes, add a boost of moisturizing to hair by cowashing, which describes the process of using just conditioner to clean hair. Washing hair less with shampoo also allows your scalp’s natural oils to hydrate your roots.  

While hair is wet, define your curls using gel that gives your hair a little more definition. You can easily run your fingers through your hair once it’s damp, but not fully dry, to further add volume. However, after that it’s hands off for the day, as your hair may frizz up if you touch it too often.  

Explore common 3c hair type issues, plus ways to prevent them.  

Caring for Breakage with 3c Hair 

3c hair is more fragile than some other hair types, so it is important to guard against breakage whenever possible. When detangling, do so when hair is wet. Use a wide tooth comb and never a brush, as that will break up your curl pattern. 

Caring for Frizz with 3c Hair 

Frizz is a common problem for those with 3c hair. To reduce frizz, make sure you dry hair with a t-shirt or other soft cotton material instead of a towel to reduce friction. Squeeze water out of hair rather than rub it dry for smoother cuticles.  

Use a silk scarf or cap when you sleep, or use a silk pillowcase to reduce frizz at night. During the day, style wet hair with anti-frizz sprays and try to avoid touching hair. 

Caring for Dryness with 3c Hair 

With open cuticles comes easy loss of moisture, so dry hair can be common with the 3c hair type. Using products with oils like argan oil or jojoba oil will keep hair hydrated and looking great. Be sure to incorporate leave-in conditioner into your routine so that your hair has continuous moisturizing even after it’s washed and dried.  

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